Growing up, my biggest interest was always in books and literature, but history has forever been a close second. Even as a child, I was always bothered by how often the ‘big names’ in history belong to (white) men, and how rarely we hear about the intelligent, courageous, clever, wonderful women who have done things just as important– if not more so. The entries contained on this blog are my way of sort of righting that, even in a small way.

This originally began as a collection of the daily updates I posted in the comments of The Toast, giving a brief story about an important woman (or women) in history on that given day. However, with the closing of The Toast, it has become the main host of these daily entries about important women or feminist-related events in history. You can also find me posting weekly Feminist History round-ups every Monday at Clever Manka.

(Note: Though the title has the word ‘Feminist’ in it, this does not assume that all the women detailed in these posts are or were Feminists. Many of them were not. These posts are simply intended for current self-proclaimed feminists to retroactively celebrate and enjoy the stories of strong, smart, amazing women of the past– especially those whose histories have been erased or lessened by the historical lens of a patriarchal society.)