May 12th in (Feminist) History

aliciamoreauOn this day in 1986 was the death of Alicia Moreau (de Justo), an Argentine woman (born in France to Socialist parents who moved to Argentina) who was known for being a (*drumroll*) physician, politician, feminist, human rights activist, and a pacifist. Born in 1885, she was a member of the Socialist Party, participating in the Primer Congreso Internacional de Librepensamiento (International Congress of Free Thought), where she submitted her own report called “Educación y Revolución” (Education and Revolution). She also contributed to the International Socialist Magazine, and helped to organize the Primeras Conferencias Internacionales de Mujeres por la Paz(First International Conference of Women for Peace) before going on to found the Unión Feminista Nacional(National Feminist Union) in 1918.

A lot of her focus was in increasing the participation of women in politics, which she aimed to accomplish by creating numerous feminine spaces within socialist centers and groups. In 1945, she published the book La Mujer en la Democracia (The Woman Within Democracy). She remained active in political and Socialist groups for all her life, including the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights, and in the 1970’s she protested the disappearances of thousands of people during that decade’s military rule.

Dr. Moreau was also a big supporter of obtaining the right to vote for women in Argentina, which was accomplished finally in 1947, though at the time she felt that it had only been done as a political move and didn’t really count as social conquest, though it was still progress. Beyond all this, she was of course a Doctor (a Gynecologist) and a teacher, too, who traveled to the U.S. in 1919 (going over the Andes on a mule!) to speak at the International Congress of Workers of Washington.

There is so much more to Alicia’s story, but the best and most detailed article of her is entirely in Spanish. I did my best with finding enough for this brief summary but there’s so much more. If you’re interested: Biography of Alicia Moreau.


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