May 1 in (Feminist) History

saint_edith_steinOn this day in 1987, Edith Stein was beatified in the Roman Catholic Church as St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Born in 1891 into a Jewish family in Poland, she became an atheist as a teenager, and later converted to the Roman Catholic church, where she became a Discalced Carmelite Nun along with her sister. Despite the church sending them to the Netherlands for their safety in 1938, both Edith and her sister were captured when Commisionar of the Netherlands ordered the arrests of all former-Jewish converts and had them sent to Auschwitz. Edith might have been spared, but when a Dutch official offered her escape after being impressed by her faith, she allegedly responded that: “If somebody intervened at this point and took away her chance to share in the fate of her brothers and sisters, that would be utter annihilation.” She and her sister died in the gas chamber of Auschwitz five days after their original arrest. (Source) (Image Source)

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