April 30th in (Feminist) History

tumblr_mm1v5ke0ay1qifq8yo1_1280On this day in 1937, women in the Philippines receive the right to vote when 90% voted in the affirmative during a “special plebiscite” (
Source). This occurred after the Constitution established in 1935 limited the right to vote to men only, but also stated that this right of suffrage could be extended to Filipino women if at least 300,000 voted in favor of it at a special plebiscite, within two years after the adoption of the new Constitution. (Source) When the plebiscite was finally held on April 20th, 1937, 447,725 women voted in favor of it, granting suffrage to all Filipino women.

The picture above shows the National Federation of Women’s Clubs of the Philippines, who lead the fight for women’s suffrage in the Phillippines. (Source)


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